Latest on Dalton

So many people have been in prayer for Dalton and we are grateful. In January, the Hodkin’s Lymphoma cancer has shown itself again. Dalton has gone through several rounds of treatment for the past two months. The latest PT scan shows that the cancer has reduced dramatically. Since the goal of the oncologist is to cure, he has a long road ahead of him. As of right now, he has a break in the chemo for three more weeks. Stem Cell transplant is the next step. This entails four days of shots. Then on day five they plan to extract the stem cells. He will need ten days off for his blood to rebuild. Dalton will spend 21 days in the hospital to have a heavy dose of chemo, along with his stem cells given back to him. As we go along, we hope to keep everyone updated. We are praising God for who He is in the middle of it all. Thank you for your prayers and encouraging words.

Dillon has answered the call!

It seems that changes are inevitable in any family. We are no different. Dillon has had a calling to the preach for several years now. Recently he answered the call. Come April he will start seminary classes. We request prayer for him as he grows in the knowledge of the Word along with leading his family. With new direction comes new experiences and great things from the Lord. We will miss Dillon, Makeena, and Adi traveling with us but excited about this era of this sweet family.




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